Your Support is Powerful

Your Support is Powerful

Your Support is Powerful

Our Vision

Vincent House

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our minority brothers and sisters in Pakistan and will do whatever we can to change their brutal and hopeless living conditions.


The minorities in Pakistan, are Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs, who are usually at the bottom of the employment ladder due to persecution and consequently a lack of education.

Our Mission

Vincent House

We believe education is the key to empower the minorities into a future better than the hopeless and brutal existence they presently endure


For instance, workers at brick kilns are virtual slaves. This is because their extreme poverty forces them to take out loans from Muslim business owners for everyday needs. They are unable to ever repay the debts so are condemned to work with no hope of release for Muslim brick yard owners. It is no accident that interest payments alone prevent them from ever leaving. Although its illegal children also work with their families for up to 14 hours a day, often in 40-50 c (104-122 f) heat.

Our History

Vincent House

The story began in April 2019 when a group of friends in Western Australia registered a charity to help persecuted minorities in Pakistan and named it Vincent House Incorporated.


Briefly we raised money to provide food relief for a village in Faisalabad through a couple of locals.


    • In October 2019 we found Father Simon Khurshid a Catholic parish priest in Gojra Pakistan.
    • Through Fr Simon we provided funding for accommodation at Fatima Hostel for homeless boys and the fees for sending them to St Albert’s Catholic school. We also paid for ten computers to assist them in their after-school studies.
    • In October 2021 the local bishop took over the running of the Fatima Hostel and Father Simon was moved to a new parish in Faisalabad, which is home to brick kiln and other low-income workers.
    • In October 2021 with VHI funding Father Simon employed a teacher and opened a simple school, Vincent House School for Street Children.
    • In June 2022 VHI committed to the creation of Vincent House Sewing School to provide skills for uneducated young women through an experienced teacher.

We Work Together


We know the people we help are full of potential. They just need the means to lift themselves above all the negatives they were born in to. Poverty and prejudice against their community being the most harmful. We at Vincent House are volunteers and take no recompense for the work we love to do. Similarly our dedicated, hard-working team in Pakistan is voluntary. They have the same vision and competently manage our programme at their end.


The work of our Organisation is aimed at targeted assistance to children and youth in the form of charitable donations from sponsors and patrons, as well as providing material and humanitarian assistance when needed such as during the covid lockdowns

Featured Causes

Vincent House School for Steet Children opened in October 2021. It offers education to the age of 15 for families without the resources to send their children to school. It services a village in Faisalabad which is in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The school has eighty eight pupils and one young female teacher named Maham.


Maham is passionate about her job and worked as a volunteer before becoming a salaried teacher at the school There are an estimated 22,000,000 children who do not receive education in Pakistan, so this will do a little bit to lift the futures of those in one of the minority groups . We pay monthly for Maham's salary and all other costs to benefit the children's journey to equality in their community.

Our Gallery



If you live in Perth Western Australia We invite you to Volunteer at one of our "South of the River" fund raising events.

For the Bunnings Sausage sizzle events we need four volunteers at all time during the day. Volunteers can work just two hours or Longer is they wish. Those with barbeque experience are invited to act as chef, cooking the sausages and onions.

Jobs include assembling the hot dogs and acting as Cashier.

Volunteers are also very welcome to help us at our Belmont Rotamart stall where we sell donated items. It means an early start through, 6am!



I have been really impressed with the commitment that Christine and her team have shown to the support of education for these very disadvantaged young people in Pakistan.

The amount that has been achieved is amazing and reflects so well on the team in Pakistan: both the teachers and other helpers.

It is great to know that the little I have done and given is going directly to help children who desperately need it, and which will benefit them through their whole lives.

David T...

I support Vincent House and the tremendous hope and compassion they provide for very poor communities in Pakistan. Vincent House reaches out and provides loving Christian care for many who would otherwise be forgotten, who live in dreadful circumstances that we cannot even imagine. Vincent House brings the face of our loving God nearer to many.



“Blessed be the poor in Spirit, for theirs will be the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Patricia J...

I support the wonderful work of Vincent House and the fabulous work it does in Pakistan where Christians are treated terribly, and lives are very hard in communities where slave labour is very common.

I commend this Charity for the wonderful work they do providing education for children who are marginalised and severely impoverished and in providing food and Christian sustenance for many. Vincent House provides hope and love to many living in in very difficult circumstances. God Bless all those involved with this wonderful Charity.

Michele J...