I have been really impressed with the commitment that Christine and her team have shown to the support of education for these very disadvantaged young people in Pakistan.

The amount that has been achieved is amazing and reflects so well on the team in Pakistan: both the teachers and other helpers.

It is great to know that the little I have done and given is going directly to help children who desperately need it, and which will benefit them through their whole lives.

David T...

I support Vincent House and the tremendous hope and compassion they provide for very poor communities in Pakistan. Vincent House reaches out and provides loving Christian care for many who would otherwise be forgotten, who live in dreadful circumstances that we cannot even imagine. Vincent House brings the face of our loving God nearer to many.



“Blessed be the poor in Spirit, for theirs will be the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Patricia J...

I support the wonderful work of Vincent House and the fabulous work it does in Pakistan where Christians are treated terribly, and lives are very hard in communities where slave labour is very common.

I commend this Charity for the wonderful work they do providing education for children who are marginalised and severely impoverished and in providing food and Christian sustenance for many. Vincent House provides hope and love to many living in in very difficult circumstances. God Bless all those involved with this wonderful Charity.

Michele J...

I am saddened to know of the struggles of the poor souls, in Pakistan, suffering at the hands of unscrupulous money lenders and causing many to become slaves, having to work off their debt in these horrible brickworks. A debt forced upon them by poverty, and the high interest rates making it impossible to ever pay it off. I am pleased to volunteer to fund their children attending the Vincent House School for Street Children.

I am so thankful to have helped raise money to buy sewing machines for young girls being instructed at Vincent House Sewing School, so they can earn a living to prevent the cycle of debt to moneylenders.

I thank God that I can volunteer time to give a little back to those who are not as fortunate as me.

Helen C...

My family and I have great pleasure in mentioning a few words about this organization, the founder and the very active committee that manage the organization.

We have known Christine and her family since our son played soccer with Christine’s sons and being fellow parishioners of the Parish Church in the area we lived in. We have known Christine to be zealous in her work for the organization. I have since been the Auditor for the organization and have also been pleased to introduce the organization to other business and charitable organizations.

I take a keen interest in the educational activities and strategy of the organization with a view to the eventual teaching programs from Australia to be provided to the poor and needy orphans and villages.

Eugene D...

It has been two and a half years, I am working with Christine and her organisation. I have had a wonderful experience working here. The dedication with which she works to raise charity for the poor children of Pakistan is amazing.

She is working for people whom she doesn’t know. Without her help, the children would be on the streets, now they are living like normal people and getting an education.

I am happy to be a part of Vincent House. May God bless Christine and Vincent House. Amen.

Nauman V...