Our Fundraising


Vincent House Incorporated is blessed to have committed and devoted supporters who give monthly donations. We did not pressure them to do this and we deeply treasure their trust.


We are also the very grateful benficiaries of donated items which we sell at the Belmont Rotamart on Sunday mornings and online. Some of these items have raised several hundred dollars, but household items, clothing, jewellery, ornaments and paintings bring in a substantial amount too and form the bulk of our sales.

Bunnings, a local chain of hardware stores offers charities the opportunity to fund- raise by selling hot dogs in their car parks on weekends. They supply the grill and gazebo and the charity supplies the volunteer hot dog makers and food. We have had numerous of these events.

Our Achievements so far


Since we formed our charity, which is licensed as a Benevolent Institution with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission in 2019 we have made some progress. We started in 2019 by sponsoring the Fatima Boys Hostel with monthly payments to pay for their school fees and care, and we bought all thirty- three of them school uniforms.


Later we bought a freezer for the Hostel, and then paid for the renovation and building of a computer room with ten computers. We were the major donor in Father Simon Khurshid's food parcel relief program during the lockdowns of 2020-2021. Christians were told to renounce their religion in order to receive aid from state run charities, so were at a great disadvantage. However some poor Muslims and non Catholic Christians were given a number of Father Simon's food parcels.

In October 2021 Vincent House School opened. We paid for school books and stationery for all the children, and continue to pay all ongoing costs and the teacher's salary, monthly.

In June 2022 we funded six sewing machines for the Vincent House Sewing School, we pay the teacher's salary and other costs for fabric etc monthly.